Had a good weekend.  One of my nieces has been visiting for a few days and Friday she and I went to Fremont Cinemas to see Finding Dory.  Saturday I worked in the morning then laid low the rest of the day.  Deactivated Facebook around 5 so I could be more present this weekend and savor everything.  Saturday night watched Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Frances Ha, and Mr. Nobody.  I thought about how one reason I avoid watching movies is to avoid intense feelings like longing and disorientation.  Noticed my heart aching with feelings of longing and reliving good memories but just let myself feel the feels and it actually felt quite good and therapeutic.  Mr. Nobody’s premise was pretty cool.  It was about a guy who is able to live every possible life path.  Loved a line in the end where it says it doesn’t matter what life path you choose; each one will diverge into many others and any direction you go will be meaningful.  Frances Ha was good too.  As a young adult adrift it was relatable.  The dialogue was funny also and I loved watching her dance down the street.  After watching the movies went to bed with my imagination sparked and woke up late this morning with a text from Ryan asking if I wanted to go to brunch.  Said yes.  Had coffee and drove down there, picked him up and we went to the Electric Cheetah in Eastown.  I think because of the influence of the movies from last night all day today I felt like I was in a film. As I drove through downtown my mind was flooded with good memories of people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had, and everything I saw like the interactions of people on the sidewalk as I drove by looked beautiful and poetic.  The Electric Cheetah was cool.  People watching there was great and I imagined being friends with some of the people I saw.  Had a steak and egg sandwich with chips and a bottle of salted caramel root beer.  Afterward went back to Ryan’s and watched shows on Hulu.  All year have been listening to guided mindfulness meditations regularly and I’m noticing a huge difference in my ability to control my mind and emotions.  The most helpful metaphors I’ve learned from the Headspace meditation app are the mind is like a wild horse that needs to be tamed and that peace of mind is like a blue sky and that the blue sky is always there, you just have to find your way.  Oh, wait.  There’s a third metaphor and it is that meditating is like weightlifting for the mind, so the more you do it the more in shape your mind gets. That one’s helpful too.


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